When you see Jesse Evans, you will know his mission is to share what can only be shared with his six- string army piped through a 100watt Marshall. His well-crafted songs delivered with soulful vocals are about life, love and survival here on Planet Earth. Evans’ main partner in crime and key collaborator is Brian T. Coady, bass player and co-creator for much of the material. Add in Budgie Werner on drums and brother Christian Evans on keys and you’ve got a force to be reckoned with. 

Evans’ songs span from Rock to Pop to Ballads to Blues, all of which are undeniably rooted in his love for the guitar. 

Some of his latest titles include Only One, a Tin Pan Alley type of storytelling that weaves through his thoughts of betrayal, alongside self-reflection, but in the end, faith prevails. The chorus in his song You tells it all when he says “but if I could change, you know I wouldn’t change anything, ‘cause every road that I have walked brought me here to you”. The power of the band is best reflected in the song Shine, a true rocker with a message about living in the moment and breaking through…and then of course, as every writer needs a great love song, there’s Heavenly

Evans and Company exhibit passion and raw musical talent. Evans’ soulful voice is an instrument with which he captivates the listener.

Brooklyn based, globally accessible via itunes, Amazon, YouTube, and Reverb Nation, Spotify.